The summer is here, and it is high time for me to tackle my annual summer reading project.  Sure enough, there is plenty to do in the lab and writing papers, but the summer is special, for I devote large swaths of time to studying a topic in a way that I simply cannot during the academic year.  Last summer, I had a great time with two popular books about espionage and one on statistical thermodynamics.  My wife also had a baby, and that did curtail some of my reading time.  This summer I think I am going to dive into a theological topic.  Molinism is a branch of theology that attempts to reconcile divine sovereignty with human freedom and responsibility.  It was originally developed by Luis de Molina, a Spanish Jesuit priest living in the 1500s.  William Lane Craig is probably the most well-known contemporary advocate of Molinism.  I have charted out my summer reading list, including both defenders and critics.  Fortunately, there will not be a baby this summer!